Proud Nominees of a UNESCO International Literacy Prize and for a 2020 Starbucks Racial Equity and Justice Grant

We are proud to be a 2017 UNESCO International Literacy Prize nominee for our work in digital storytelling and literacy improvement globally. The Prize recognizes the efforts of institutions, organizations or individuals for their contribution to the fight against illiteracy. The objective of the Prize is in conformity with UNESCO’s policies and is related to the programme of the Organization in its pursuit of Education for All.

We are simultaneously proud to be nominated by Starbucks Riverdale (in Maryland, in the Greater Washington DC area) for a 2020 Starbucks Racial Equity and Justice Grant. The nomination recognizes our efforts in partnership with Chance Academy to reduce racial inequities in education. In the last ten years, Global Sleepover and our partner Chance Academy has:

    • Served over 500 students and 1,000 families in the Prince George’s Area
    • Exposed students to social change, intercultural learning, the arts, digital technology, outdoor activities through  500+ field trips in the DC area, the United Nations Climate Change Meetings in New York, in the U.S. and abroad in Latin America.
    • Provided academic discipline and rigor to ensure students build foundations in traditional academic subjects.
    • Run over 500 STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) based workshops and programs, exposing students of all ages in particular to  sustainable digital skills in the areas of graphic design, multi-media, communications, photography, videography and media.
    • Engaged over 250 local organizations, local partnerships, officials, volunteers, initiatives and individuals to come and share and teach with the youth.